Episode 1:

Won't You Be My Horrible Neighbor (Pilot)

Brad and Robert meet their new neighbor Rodney who turns out to be big trouble.  Brad and Robert struggle to come up with a solution on how to stand up to their new bully and end up learning a valuable life lesson in the process.

Episode 2:

Chat Ur Bate

When it's revealed that Brad's love interest is social media famous the guys hatch a plan to make Brad Instafamous.  Robert falls in love with a cam girl.

Episode 3:


Brad and Robert lose their taco guy Hector an Ice Raid.  Filled with regret over not helping him, Brad decides to host 3 illegals in his house.  With ICE closing in will Brad keep their secret or give them up?

chapter 4.png

Episode 4:

Papa John Ate 44 Pizzas

Brad and Robert are haunted by a depressed demon.  After finding out how bad his life really is they decide to help him get his groove back.

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